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Wedding rings

White gold, maple, american walnut / white gold, ebony

I've been asked by a client to design his wedding rings with wood. I had no idea on how to work such small pieces of wood, but I decided I'd accept the challenge. 

I asked Matteo Fadighenti, a very good friend of mine which is a great goldsmith for collaboration, and we met a few times to design the rings. We decided that the wood had to be diagonal on the ring, we wanted the design to be special. I then spoke with Felice Farina, a metal turner, to figure out how to make these thin wooden rings that had to fit perfectly on the gold. We tried different essences of wood untill we figured out that both American Walnut and Maple were perfect.

Before having the final wooden rings ready, we took many chances, failing most of the time. But finally we made it and had some of them ready to give to the goldsmith, six pieces for each ring (three per wood essence) so that he could take his chances too.

The rings came out really beautiful.

After sometime another couple asked us for wedding rings. This time we decided to use ebony, the hardest and most compact wood. We went through all the process again, knowing it would be much easier this time. 


Need wedding rings?

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