Via Braccio da Montone, 34 - 00176

Rome - Italy



c/o Oz-Officine Zero

Via Monte Patulo, 20

00141 - Rome - Italy

I was born in Rome in 1972. I lived in Africa, United States, France and Germany. In 2003 I decided to come back to Italy. Right now I live in Rome, and my studio is in Officine Zero. In the past I worked as a set designer, I've been the singer of a famous Italian hardcore band called CONCRETE, and I've been painting and drawing a lot, exhibiting my work in galleries all over Europe. Right now I perform in a project called Rotadefero.

I am co-founder and co-owner of Rota-Lab.

I design and build things of ANY kind.


I do this all the time, wether it's for clients or for myself, during workdays, weekends or holidays.




Everything you see in this website is HANDMADE by myself, or in collaboration with others.

I'm selling some of my products worldwide through Artemest, If you live abroad and you're intrested please click here.

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