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Pyrex, Anticorodal, oil

Jena and Schott are two lamps made with pyrex apparel for chemical uses. 

The idea was to make a ambience lamp that had a coloured light. The colour is given by oil poured in the lamp. Light goes through oil and changes it's colour.


Schott (the names come from the names printed on the pyrex bottles) is filled with olive oil, Jena with vaseline oil. Vaseline oil is completely transparent and allows to add greasy aniline of any desired colour.

I decided to use oil mainly because it doesn't evaporate which means that it will not leave any stain on the glass while time passes. 


When I did the first sketches I thought I'd go ask a glass blower to make it for me. I talked to two different ones but both of them told me that my project was impossible to make blowing glass. I then decided to go in a place where they weld glass for chemical uses, and together with the owner we worked on the design to make it work. 

He made a hole below the pyrex bottle and there he welded a glass tube to separate the oil room from the lightbulb. He then welded another tube on the side of the lamp, to allow the pouring of oil. 

Then I talked to Felice Farina, a friend that works with a lathe, and together we designed and made the plugs with Anticorodal Aluminium. One of the plugs holds the bulb, the other one closes the oil insertion tube and holds the electric wire.


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