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Klang - The Dream Machine

wood, iron, plaster, latex, multiple objects

700x120 cm

This is the Dream Machine, a site specific installation I designed and built for Klang, a new club in Pigneto (RM).

In a not too far future humans evolve to survive the rise of sea level turning in to fish-like beings. Everything transforms. Evolution becomes involution, reproduction becomes artificial, music is a loud noise that becomes the only possible soundtrack of life. Fingerprints will rust, as a proof of our far forgotten existence. We become nothing. We become tools. The Dream Machine is used to remember what life was before, where before is now. 

Scroll down and don't wake up.

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10 - DSC_2588.jpg
11 - DSC_2584.jpg
12 - DSC_2585.jpg
13 - DSC_2586.jpg

All photos are by Francesco Demichelis

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