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Transformed disused Italian coffee machines

Moka is a lamp made out of disused old Italian coffee machines. It is a very old project of upcycling, one of the first for Rota-Lab.

Coffee machines have a very intresting shape: they're made out of two main parts that are screwed together. I thought that, turning the machine upside down, i could make the lower part as the main lighting structure, using the nozzle for the electric wire, and the upper part as the lampshade. To change the lightbulb, you just need to unscrew the top part. 

Moka is a cozy lamp that makes a very relaxing ambient light, and works perfectly on bedside tables.


While working on the lamp, I also thought that these coffee machines could have had other uses: one of them is an ashtray that came out in two versions: one is a simple ashtray, called Mokacenere. To make it you just cut the lower part of the machine diagonally. The other one is the Mokacenere Advanced. Instead of cutting the lower part, you cut the upper part diagonally. This allows you to put water in the lower part, so that if you need to put off your cigarette, you can just insert it in the little hole and it will fall down in water avoiding smoke to come out.

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