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Solid Canaletto Walnut, Solid oak, Brass string

Ruderalis is a bench. I made it for myself. It will be in my room, with the purpose of holding plants. I had this very old Canaletto Walnut slab, very well seasoned and therefore with a long crack running almost all the way. Besides making joints I decided to use some brass string to "knit" the wood and strengthen the surface.

All the legs come from logs of oak I use in for stove. I cleaned and sculpted them trying to leave the original shape and veneers. Oak legs hold on the Canaletto Walnut through round joints. 

Once I read an essay written by Tage Fried, a wood master. He wrote: "The only trouble with designing and working with wood is that it has the advantage - or disadvantage, however you look at it - of being beautiful in itself. [...] Therefore, working with a material of such natural beauty, I feel that we have to design very quietly and use simple forms".

Well, that is what I tried to do here.

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