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A feminine collection, inspired to sensuality.

Wood and iron, two materials for two furnishing elements, a table made with solid Italian Walnut and a powder coated iron bookshelf.

Two different languages that communicate, conversing without misunderstandings with sensual and fluid words. There's no sharp edges, it is a microcosm of interwined curves. Each element of the collection is absolutely a one of a kind piece.

Unique pieces dedicated to the pleasure of two of the five senses: vision and touch.

Curves are the greater common denominator, each time adapted to a different material so that each element has it's own personal language which is in a perfect harmony whith the other element's language.

The S_Table - Big

Besides the high quality craftsmanship, this table communicates pleasure for eyes and hands. The wooden slabs are positioned giving up aesthetic choices, but trying to make the most out of the available timber. The rounded legs pass through the top of the table with a wonderful joint, the only squared detail of the whole collection.

totale sbieco.jpg

Solid Italian Walnut (blond)

190x85x75(h) cm.

part bordo.jpg
part piano.jpg
part gamba2.jpg
part gamba1.jpg

The S_Bookshelf

Built without a detailed project, this bookshelf's processing steps take a role in the final design. Metal rods are bent randomly. then welded together becoming the frames that will hold the shelves. The sheets of metal are then welded on the frames, shaping themselves on the curves of the metal rods and becoming soft, liquid-like surfaces.

Finally the shelves are attached to the uprights that were already randomly bent, 

The result is a bookshelf that leaves more space to it's shape than to it's function, resembling almost a sculpture.


Power coated black metal


due insieme S_bookshelf.jpg

The S_Table - Small

This is a smaller version of the S_table. It's rather a desk then a dining table but it still reflects the research around the relationship between sensuality and design as the main aim of the whole collection. 


Solid Italian walnut

120x80x75(h) cm.


The S_Coffee Table

This coffee table comes from the same inspiration of the other elements of the S_collection but I tried to explore the sculpturing side a little bit deeper. Legs get narrower towards the end and the edges instead of being rounded have a V shaped section to emphasize the lines that connect the legs to the top. I made the table using Walnut leftovers from the making of the S_table. 


Solid Italian walnut

120x45x45(h) cm.


The S_Stool

Same concept as the rest of the wooden elements of the S_collection, but this stool has three legs and the seat is round.

If you didn't notice I'm in love with Italian Walnut :)

Solid Italian walnut

40x40x47(h) cm.

S_stool it 03.jpg
S_stool it 06.jpg
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