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A collection designed and built in collaboration with Gianluca Buttinelli (Studiosuperfluo).



The approach to this collection comes from a research on native materials of the area and the desire to enhance the beauty of their wild soul.


Along with our vocation for sustainable design, we have tried to intercept the surplus or by-products of local companies.


The maple we used comes from trees that have grown spontaneously in the woods, usually destined for carpentry. While exploring the area, we were lucky enough to find a small batch of an uncollected order in a sawmill in Acquapendente, preciously left to dry for four years in open air.


Subsequently, the exploration led us to a quarry in Bagnoregio where basaltine is extracted and transformed. Basaltine is a characteristic stone of the Tuscia area, mostly used for flooring and cladding. From the large cladding slabs worked in the quarry, the "schiasce" are obtained, smaller stones with only one smooth side. We have chosen them together with an unusual batch of blocks made by the company specifically for the urban furnishing of La Maddalena on the occasion of the G8 , which, however, was suddenly moved to L'Aquila due to the 2009 earthquake.

Of these thin monolith that had remained dormant for years in the quarry and of the blocks of stone, we tried to capture the characteristics which fitted our needs: weight and resistance to compression.


In the workshop the goal was to combine the worlds of wood and stone without betraying their wild nature.


To indulge the reluctant soul of these slabs, nervous, plenty of knots and reverse grain, we left the live edges raw and bind the cracks with cross pieces to tame their movement over time, and to mark the aesthetics of the piece as well.


We left the raw stone as it was, keeping our actions as minimal as possible, mainly to joint pieces together in mostly hidden places.


Selvatica is the first step of a journey: we want to create furnishing elements using only native materials. The “Produzioni Selvatiche” will therefore always be different, because characterized by the specific materials of the place where they will be designed and built.

Photo Credits: Dominga Colonna

SV_OBJ_01 - Bookshelf

cm 186,5x30x185(h)


SV_OBJ_02 - Kitchen Island

cm 130,5x64x90(h)


SV_OBJ_03 - Coffee Table

cm 140x58x63(h)


SV_OBJ_04 - Small Shelves

cm 47x47x119,5(h)


SV_OBJ_05 - Large Shelves

cm 207x33x64(h)

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