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supernova tommaso garavini outdoor festival 2015


Outdoor Festival 2015 - Ex Caserma Guido Reni

Rome Pavillion - curated by Jessica Stewart

In the past years I had some fundamental revelations regarding nature and science.

I understood what the dimensions of TIME and SPACE are. Or better, I understood that the human brain is not capable of understanding how enormously big are time and space. It has been a great discovery. My perception of humans, earth, life, death and gods changed instantly.

We are NOTHING, in the purest sense of the word, compared to what surrounds us in the universe. A millionth of a millionth of a grain of sand. 

On one side this feeling can be overwhelming but, if you look at it from the right point of view, it is absolutely thrilling.

We are part of an incredible complex chaotic system that we call NATURE, which comprehends both the neverending gigantic universe and the smallest particle that makes matter. 

Everything is ruled by a perfectly organized chaos that incredibly creates an astonishing harmonic equilibrium. And this can be found in everything produced by nature.


There's 4 levels in this installation, and each one explores a topic.



Under the table there's a trunk that resembles a human body with burned legs. It represents human ignorance and misery.

He, who is attached to materiality, who cannot look over his properties, who needs to HAVE things to feel alive, who never looks at the sky to discover his inner beeing and the intimate core of what surrounds us, is a person that is wasting his life. Life has to be liven deeply, with passion and curiosity, with the desire to discover and learn, everyday, until the end.



There's 11 plates on the table that represent moon phases. The number eleven carries a vibrational frequency of balance. The moon is the closest celestial object to earth, and we can see it very well everyday. It has a deep influence on our everyday life and it is the first visible link between us and the universe. 



Clouds are up there in the sky, as the moon is. They're in our atmosphere, nevertheless they are other objects that lie between us and the universe. Building this metal structure, I tried to simulate the chaos of nature. I randomly cut pieces of metal, welded them together randomly to make triangles, then randomly welded triangles together. The result is this chaos driven framework, which came out very harmonic and equilibrated. 



All over the room I hanged kokedamas. Moss and soil spheres in which plants grow healthy. They resemble planets, delicately suspended, turning at every caress of wind. They give a sensation of delicateness and lightness, embracing he ho walks in the room. This planetary system is a metaphore of the power of life, the thrilling vibrating energy that surrounds us, that we should seek everyday of our life.



Since I am a designer, and I spend most of my time designing spaces, I thought that all this arguments should have been placed in a specific space. I would define this room as a dreamy livingroom ready for a delicious dinner.

It is an invitation for the public to "eat" at this dining table, tasting deeply all this pleasures that I discovered. To seal this invitation, i filled up one of the walls of the room with a pattern of tiny ladders made of nails and red string. Ladders are a symbol of spiritual elevation, and are in this room to encourage you all to look up at the sky and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, never stopping to be curious, relishing all the incredible things that nature gives us, because it is worth your entire life.



All photos are by Dominga Colonna. Thanks to Jessica Stewart, Felice Farina ,Giorgio Mazzone,Tommaso Guerra and NuFactory.

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